Protected: ShopTalk Deep Dive Videos

Embark on a detailed journey into the art of knife craftsmanship with Bob Terzuola, through our series of deep dive videos. Twice a month, gain unparalleled access to the techniques, philosophies, and secrets that have cemented Terzuola’s legacy in the Cutlery Hall of Fame. Each session is a masterclass in craftsmanship, designed to inspire and educate enthusiasts at every level.

Dive deep into the second of three videos on grinding, laying out the blade and grinding with fixtures.

Dive deep into the first of three videos on grinding, including abrasives and machinery.

Dive deep into the secrets behind the precision and consistency in Terzuola designs.

Dive deep into the intricate world of craftsmanship with our exclusive video, spotlighting the artistry of three distinct types of clips that define the form and function of exceptional blades.

Dive deep into the craftsmanship with Terzuola Design as we explore the meticulous technique of tapping in our latest video. Uncover the precision and skill behind each tap, unlocking the secrets of crafting that embody the essence of Terzuola’s legendary designs.